Weather API Update: Radar + elevation enhancements, snow depth, and more!

We have been hard-at-work to build the best weather API in the world. As a result, the Weatherbit Weather API now includes a 30 meter effective resolution, elevation enhancements, snow depth, heating/cooling degree days, and more!

Weather API Update: Radar + elevation enhancements, snow depth, and more!

Radar enhanced weather observations

Our current weather API now includes rainfall radar enhanced observations (US, and Europe domains). With this enhancement, the current weather API now factors in the intensity of rainfall derived from weather radar observations. This is very useful for services that rely on accurate rainfall data, as many weather stations do not report rainfall information!

Radar enhanced weather API
Rainfall radar is critical for painting an accurate picture of current weather conditions.

High resolution weather API + Elevation corrections

Our weather API is now enhanced with high resolution elevation data! This enhancement allows for accurate depiction of weather in areas of extreme topography. All of our API requests now factor in elevation by default. As a result, our API now carries an effective resolution of 30 Meters! This extremely fine resolution allows the Weatherbit API to deliver highly accurate weather forecasts, and hyperlocal weather data!

Our weather API includes elevation enhancements that make it easy to get accurate forecasts in areas of varying topography. Many of our competitors use low resolution data, with poorly resolved elevation features. Without elevation corrections, forecasts in areas of varying topography can be very inaccurate.

Our competitor's low resolution weather data
(Above) Our competitors use low resolution model data, and do not correct for elevation.
Weatherbit API high resolution weather data
The Weatherbit API includes important elevation information, and high resolution model data in it's forecasts. The end result is a much clearer "weather picture"!

Forecasted snow depth: Just in time for the winter season!

Our  Forecast API now includes snow depth! This snow depth data is derived from global snow depth analyses, and satellite observations. We then use the "Cobb's Method" to
calculate the impact of snow density, snow compaction, and melting to arrive at an extremely accurate snow depth forecast!  We are proud to be the ONLY provider of snow depth forecasts! Feel free to sign up for a free Weather API key today, and check it out!

Other updates

  • New supported languages include Lithuanian (lt), Danish (da)!
  • Global forecast resolution upgrades.
  • High volume plans now have access to more historical weather API requests!
  • We have released our enhanced Energy API which includes fields relevant to energy, and commodity markets such as Cooling/Heating Degree days,
    mean daily sun hours, solar radiation, and more! You can query for data either by providing a lat/lon, or providing a bounding box to retrieve data from many reporting stations (over a period of time) at once!