API Update: March, 2020 - Climate Normals

Retrieve 30 year ERA5 Climate Normals with our new Climate Normals API

API Update: March, 2020 - Climate Normals

**We are excited to announce the new Climate Normals API! This API allows you to retrieve 1981-2010 Climate Normals at hourly, daily, and monthly  intervals.  **

** Climate Normals API Usage**

When using the API simply provide the start day, and end day for the period you are interested in:


The above example will return monthly Climate Normals for the point (35.5, -78.5).

Climate Normals are particularly useful for use cases that involve comparing conditions against the baseline average.

For example, if the forecasted maximum temperature for tomorrow is 90F (32.2 C), and the normal maximum temperature is 70F (21.1 C). One may conclude that energy demand will be increased relative to normal tomorrow due to the increased usage of indoor air conditioning.

Please refer to our  Climate Normals API documentation page to get started with this API!


The Climate Normals provided by our API are sourced from the state of the art ERA-5 re-analysis down-scaled spatial resolution of 9 KM. This resolution allows our API to source data at a much higher precision than other providers that rely on station based data alone. For example, the data density of the 9 KM ERA 5 Re-Analysis is over 185x greater than that of the station data provided by the Dark Sky API.

Data points provided by Weatherbit Climate Normals API = 6,480,000 points
Data points provided by Competitors with station data = ~40,000 points

** Conclusion**

We hope that you find this API useful in your business, and personal applications. Please contact support@weatherbit.io for any questions or feedback. We would love to hear any feedback you have, or any improvements you have to suggest!

Thank you,
The Weatherbit API Team