API Update: April, 2020 - Pollen API + Lunar Phase

You can now retrieve current pollen data with our Air Quality API!

API Update: April, 2020 - Pollen API + Lunar Phase

Pollen/Air Quality API

We are excited to announce that pollen data has been added to the Current Air Quality API!

Usage of the API remains the same, but the API now returns pollen data as well as pollutant information:


The new data fields will appear as:

"pollen_level_tree": 4,
"pollen_level_grass": 2,  
"pollen_level_weed": 2,
"mold_level": 0,
"predominant_pollen_type": "Trees"

The possible pollen levels range from 0-4 where:
0 = None
1 = Low
2 = Moderate
3 = High
4 = Very High

Pollen data is available via this API for the US, and the EU. The monitored pollen types include tree, grass, and weed pollen as well as mold spores.

Forecasts for pollen will be added to our API as well in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Lunar Phase / Lunation Fraction

Based on feedback we have added an additional field to represent the lunar phase / lunation number. The field can be found in responses from the daily forecast API .

   "moon_phase_lunation": 0.50

This field represents fractional part of the lunation number during the given day where 0 = New moon, 0.50 = Full moon, and 0.75 = Third quarter moon.


We hope that you find these API updates useful in your business, and personal applications. Please contact support@weatherbit.io for any questions or feedback. We would love to hear any feedback you have, or any improvements you have to suggest!

Thank you,
The Weatherbit API Team