Air Quality API and Severe Weather Alerts

We're excited to announce the release of two new features: The Air Quality API, and Severe Weather Alerts API.

Air Quality API and Severe Weather Alerts

Air Quality

You can now retrieve air quality information on the 6 major air pollutants as defined by the US Environmental Protection Agency for any location in the world, as well as Air Quality Index according to the US EPA standard.

This information can be accessed via: The Air Quality forecast API, and the current Air Quality API.

With these API's you can retrieve current, and forecasted (hourly out to 3 days):

  • pm25 - PM 2.5
  • pm10 - PM 10
  • co - Carbon Monoxide
  • o3 - Surface Ozone
  • no2 - Nitrogen Dioxide
  • so2 - Sulfer Dioxide
  • aqi - Air Quality Index (0 to +500)

See our plan pricing for access information.

Severe Weather Alerts

You can now retrieve severe weather alerts from local meteorological agencies. To access this information, simply use the Severe Weather Alert API.

Current supported countries include:

  • The USA
  • All European member nations
  • Isreal

More countries will be added in future releases.

Thanks for using our API!
The Weatherbit API Team